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Pipe toy racing magic track



for any age RACER

       • Speed car racing inside pipes instead of on tracks
       • Need to DIY build the pipe
       • Pipes could be configured and reconfigured with one.
       • Remote controlled and illuminated car add excitement
       • Rechargeable RC car, charging with exclusive USB cable 

       • Built-in 300mAh Li-ion battery in the toy car
       • 40 minutes charging time ensuring 1 hour working
       • Remote control is powered by 2 AAA battery 


    The Speed ​​Pipes pipeline route is a very exciting children's play set that allows              you   to self-assemble the auto track with straight and curved pipes and connect          them to each other in various shapes with the help of couplings.



     The Speed ​​Pipes pipeline road comes with a racing car that charges from a USB           port and with a few wheels moves through the pipe like a bobsled. Included is a           glowing ball, which pushes the machine, creating a beautiful effect in the dark. 

     Remote Controlled and Illuminated car add excitement, creating an awesome light       show when room is dark. Also includes a cosmic strobe ball.

       Each blue tube is to be connected with a connector. Twist and snap together                 properly to hold the pieces in place. If a car gets stuck, this is where the                         engineering design process kicks in. You have to build, test, rebuild, and test                 again. Troubleshooting for kids, a skill they need to have. Once they get a kick of           it, it will be hours of fun for them!

       The pipes can have a single loop, many loops or you can leave them flat on the             floor or even make them go up the walls – don’t be afraid to go crazy. The                   vehicles are illuminated – if you think the experience is fun in the light, wait to               see  in the dark – it’s awesome. The vehicle is RC and the included strobe ball               flashes in brilliant colors which makes things even more exciting.


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