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Smart Posture Corrector

Get your very Best Posture this season!


Are you working 9-5 sitting in a single place for long hours?

Or a student Studying, Watching television, Playing video games, etc sitting on the couch for hours without it knowing?

Lifestyle due to technology in today's date has affected more than half the population and is becoming worse day by day!

Did you know?

  • According to Medical Researches - 90% of the people are not even aware of their poor posture that is leading to consequences in their health.
  • Lack of energy, stress, bad mood - these are signs mainly because of the improper blood circulation in our body caused by the bad posture creating blockages in the proper flow of blood to the brain.
  • The Heaviness and Stress in the Shoulders, Neck, Upper Back, Upper Chest, and even the Lower Back are largely due to the blockages in those areas.

Smart Posture Corrector

Intelligent Posture Corrector

Smart Posture Corrector

Your Intelligent Progress

As you continue to wear the posture corrector each day, the Posture Corrector Technology will help you make progress towards a better posture every day!

Add a Few more Inches to your height and uplift your personality with the most perfect posture you might experience with our amazing technology - Smart Posture Corrector.

Track your Health and Posture every day and let us know how our Smart Posture Corrector is helping you!!

Smart Posture Corrector

Smart Posture Corrector

Pain Relief

  • Also acts as an Upper Back Brace Clavicle Support for Men and Women with Pain Relief!
  • Provides intense relaxation and opens up all of the blocks to help you live your healthy lifestyle!

Smart Posture Corrector

Feel Good & Achieve More

This Adjustable Posture Corrector will help your body stay in the correct posture 24x7.

Now it's time to say Goodbye to all the pain that drains your energy throughout the day affecting your work play due to the bad posture and weak back muscles.

Smart Posture Corrector

Smart Sensor

This Intelligent Posture Trainer will make you aware of your posture with the help of its Smart Sensor and Vibration feature to make you stay perfect!

Advanced Posture Corrector

Customer's Questions and Answers

Q. Does this product forcefully pull my back because I've heard that it can be dangerous for your back.

Answer: Our smart posture corrector does not correct your posture by force like other ordinary posture correctors do. And you are correct, using force to correct your posture is very dangerous and our method of correction through our posture correcting technology helps you to correct your posture over time and in a safe manner. Our intelligent technology safely helps you to progressively improve your posture without putting your back at risk.

Q: Will this fit on my back if there is only one size?

Answer: We designed our posture corrector in a way to be very adjustable for all users so as everyone could benefit from it. We have designed it with stretchy and durable nylon straps so that it can stretch and form to the shape of your body to provide for the best fit possible.

Q: How does your posture corrector technology work?

Answer: We have engineered our smart posture corrector with intelligent progress technology which senses a slouch in your posture and gives you a gentle vibration reminder which progressively helps you improve your posture the more you wear it. Our technology does not force posture and does not put your back in danger and thus is recommended by Worldwide Health Professionals!

Q. Can I sleep wearing this?

Answer: We would not advise wearing the Posture Corrector while sleeping. The body adapts to a natural position when sleeping which can be hindered if wearing the posture corrector.


Everyone guarantees the refund. However, Betternbeyond understands that you do not want your money back, you want to be satisfied, worry-free about the gift you planned for your loved ones.

Hence, within 45 days after your purchase, if you have any problem with the effectiveness of Smart Posture Corrector , Betternbeyond will send you

- A full-refund of your purchase. No question asked.

- A further support and guidance for your usage.

- Free Smart Posture Corrector if it has issue. (No any charge. We use Express Shipping for you to get your work done, & it's fast.) 



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