Bending Over and Hunched Over Are Harmful to Health

Bending over and hunched back will cause increased pressure on the neck and spine, induce scoliosis, cervical pain, etc., affect health and destroy temperament 


Perfect design, fashionable and truly stylish.

Good bye the strap or latex brace posture correctors.

Comfortably fits for anyone.

Innovative, light and thin wear with soft silicone.

Longer lasting, take it wherever and whenever.


Quickly undo all the damage you've done to your back, shoulder, neck while working all year.

Keep your back, shoulder and neck pain away.

Stop let your back, shoulder and neck in poor posture, if you don't want to get more serious long-term problems.

Support you get a right posture in yoga and fitness.

Take more exercises, get stress away and stay healthy with fun interactive game training.

Self-confident - right posture, heathier and more beautiful.

Small with more built-in sensors.

Small with more built-in sensors.

"Posture up" app from App store and Google Play for your using.

Bluetooth connection.

USB Type-C charging with the long battery life.

A good preventative measure - Save more money than physical therapy.

Fits the mistakes, stay a great posture for unexpected benefits.




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100% Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Warranty


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How long I can wear it a day?

Answer: The training mode is a few minutes per day, increasing in duration each day. After training, you can switch it to tracking mode and wear it for as long as the charge lasts.

Can this be used for more than one individual?

Answer: Yes, two people can use one device, that's not a problem. All you need is make sure that the app on the other phone is off when connecting to the new phone.

Does it work well with an Android phone?

Answer: Very well! You use the app on Android or iPhone. You have to calibrate it after you stick it on. It takes about 4 seconds. Very easy to do.

Is it free shipping?

Yes! We offer free shipping on our 'hot deal' (Main Campaign page) with the minimum amount purchased. Should you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team, at support@betternbeyond.com.

Do you ship worldwide & how much does shipping cost?

Yes - we ship worldwide. We offer all customers free Domestic and International Shipping with tracking. No shipping cost & no sales tax - we want your experience to be simple and efficient - just the way we like it.

Can I return items if I receive damaged items? 

Yes! ...

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all products that are defective or damaged during shipping. Just let us know and we will provide a return address and a replacement or refund as preferred.

Our Returns Policy timeframe is 30 days from when an order arrives at your address.

Customers will be responsible for paying return shipping costs.

Please feel free to contact us about returns at support@betternbeyond.com

If you are unsatisfied with your order - please contact our support and we will do our best to help you out!

When will I receive notification of my shipment?

We offer free shipping on our 'limited time hot deal' (Main Betternbeyond page) with the minimum amount purchased. Should you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team, at support@betternbeyond.com.

Our amazing customer talk about it on over the world

Joshua Hudson

From Malaysia

A Must If You Have Bad Posture!

PRO UP works magic and miracles. Since I was 12 years old I’ve been slouching. At 21 I even went to physical therapy with no avail. I’ve improved my posture through working out but it’s far from perfect and as I get older my back has been starting to me. I saw an ad for this device pop up on Facebook and I decided to give it a try. I’ve had it for a week now and my posture is already improvement. I’ve been wearing it going everywhere and I realize that with a better posture when strangers have been randomly communicated with me to asking. It’s kind of funny but I don’t think it’s a coincidence. As I’m standing/sitting straight longer I’m feeling muscles in my back I haven’t felt for years. I keep it on most of the day!


From US

It has been a life changing. Then using, I stand as straight as possible and walk for 2 minutes doing my best to engage my core. So far it’s helped a lot friends and family recognizes I’m straight. Actually a friend of mine thought I got taller. Anyway, give it a try this thing changed my life for the better but if you were hunching 10+ years you better be prepared to suffer to get better!


From Italy

Life changing!

This device has been life-changing for me! I am in good shape but after 10 years of sitting at a desk 10+ hours a day my posture had deteriorated to a point where it was causing me a lot of pain, discomfort, and embarrassment. Bad posture isn’t always due to a lack of strength and physicality but a lack of awareness. For me, it was a bad habit formed over many years. This device truly helped me to kick my bad posture habit. I keep this device in training mode all day because it reminds with a little vibration to straighten up every time I slouch. This is exactly what I needed!


From Italy


I have had horrible posture my whole life and my husband prods me constantly to Stand up straight. After having 3 cervical spine surgeries and being somewhat immobile and not really able (or willing) to work out. So I purchased this in the hopes that it may help. I got it and immediately put it on and it ACTUALLY WORKS!! I love that it lets me know when I’m slouching and it waits a few seconds prior to buzzing in the event I’m actually bending over for a specific purpose

Chris Powell

From Italy

The PRO UP has great battery time.

Friends and relatives have purchased one based on my experience as well. It’s a great physical health tool and I’m so happy I found it.


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