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Micro Sight™ - 3in1 Visual Earpick



  •   Ear wax can build up and cause blockage over time, which can result in trouble hearing and other health problems.

The ear endoscope camera works with Android Smartphone/Tablet devices and PC. It's often used for ear cleaning. With irreversible hearing damageon the rise, this method has been proven safer and more efficient than standard q-tips and picks. 

3 in 1 USB Ear Camera With Ergonomic design and elegant in fashion

Endoscope Inspection Camera, an useful tool for cleaning your ear canal better and it’s also helpful for checking your other body parts. HD waterproof camera with 6 adjustable LED light, improving the image quality in the dark place.


  • With electronic micro-camera, you can achieve real-time observation of the whole digging process through your devices
  • 3 in 1 multifunction plug combines USB, Micro-USB, Type-C in one piece, therefore, it supports computers and smart phones as well.
  • Images can be shown on your screen and saved on your phone.
  • Due to its long and slim lens body, the camera can go deeper and enter the ear canal more easily.
  • Perfect ear cleaner makes earwax picking job completely a piece of cake, no pain or discomfort from fumbling.


Endoscope Details:

  • Long 2M Cable for hard to reach places
  • 1.3 MP Camera for Photo and Video recording
  • IP67 Grade Waterproof  
  • Strong Battery (full charge up to 1 hour)
  • Vivid Detail (1280x720p Resolution) 
  • Adjustable Lighting for Better Visibility

Avoid Expensive Doctor Bills

Avoid expensive doctor bills, the USB Ear Cleaning Endoscope is easy to use at home.

Simply put,this is a high-definition visual ear canal cleaning tool, which includes a 5.5 mm diameter mini camera and some interchangeable accessories, refusing to be blind, no longer bothered, just enjoy the most comfortable experience, you can take pictures and record, save on your device. 


• Children and elder can’t use it alone, must be accompanied by a parent.

• Only the WiFi set support iPhone (iOS) System.

• Please make sure your Android Phone(Android 4.2+ system) support OTG and UVC function

Ear Attachments

💳HOW DO I PURCHASE THIS Ear Cleaning Endoscope Spoon Diagnostic Tool Ear Cleaner?


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