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Bionase™ IR Rhinitis Therapy Machine


Until NOW, Rhinitis Therapy machines were only available to hospitals and doctor's offices.

For the first time, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of Rhinitis Therapy from the comfort of your couch!

STOP suffering and live a normal life!😍Cure Allergic Rhinitis with no pain, no drugs, and no side effects. Millions of happy users have decided to make the decision and have changed their lives! Now, it is your turn.

These are the symptoms that you HATE:

- Hay Fever
- Common Cold
- Sinusitis
- Nasal Congestion
- Itching
- Sneezing
- Runny and Stuffed Nose
- Headaches

Low-level narrow band light technology through the IR Rhinitis Therapy Device effectively relieves ALL of these symptoms.

Medications simply mask the problem, IR technology can help you alleviate these issues permanently.

I get triggered  so easy, dust, pollen, when i catch a cold. It seems to linger for so long and i have trouble sleeping. But i love sinu-solve! I must say it does take about 2 or 3 treatments so its  not instant but it certainly allowed me to breathe properly again...' - Trusted user of IR rhinitis therapy device

 They're all the result of contaminants in the back of the nasal passage, causing circulatory problems and these often distressing and uncomfortable symptoms. Conventional treatments such as antihistamines and nose sprays provide only temporary relief and a variety of side effects.

 IR Rhinitis Therapy Device is a revolutionary medical device for personal use for the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis - Hay Fever symptoms using 630 nm red light.

This is the optimal wavelength to achieve the desired effect of treating Allergic Rhinitis symptoms.
IR Rhinitis Therapy Device is completely safe, has no side effects, and is 100% free of any medication.


  • 100% Natural - Absolutely no side effects.
  • Use safely alongside any medication.
  • Provides instant relief from nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, runny and stuffed nose, headaches and teary eyes.
  • Eliminates the need for constant nasal spray usage.
  • Works with seasonal allergies symptoms.
  • Works with dog allergies.
    • Results may vary per user*

     HOW TO USE:

    1. 1 time a day for 4.5 minutes of sessions.
    2. Once symptoms are relieved, reduce the number of treatment sessions and use it as needed.
    3. The device automatically switches off at the end of the treatment session.
    4. It should only take 1-2 weeks to start seeing results!
    5. Uses a 9V battery ( not included)
    6. The unit will turn off automatically after unplugging the cord


    Everyone guarantees the refund. However, betternbeyond understands that you do not want your money back, you want to be satisfied, worry-free about the gift you planned for your loved ones.

    Hence, within 45 days after your purchase, if you have any problem with the effectiveness of  Rhinitis Therapy Machine  IR , betternbeyond will send you

    - A full-refund of your purchase. No question asked.

    - A further support and guidance for your usage.

    - Free Rhinitis Therapy Machine  IR if it has issue. (No any charge. We use Express Shipping for you to get your work done, & it's fast.) 



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