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CushySkin Mini Eye Massager™


Product Details

Reduce WRINKLES, Get Rid of DARK CIRCLES and PUFFY EYES  and Help's to Absorb Eye Cream into your skin.

Do you have wrinkles or eye bags or dark circles in your skin and feel like you've tried everything to get rid of them? Well now, you can say goodbye to wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles! 


  • Reduces Wrinkles or fine lines - Ultrasound vibrations gently stimulates your facial muscles, and increases collagen production. These are the ingredients your skin needs for healthy and young looking skin.

  • Promotes Blood Circulation - stimulates the circulation of the oxygen and nutrients towards the skin and stimulates cell growth.

  • Reduce Dark Circles - Poor blood circulation and low in oxygen circulating in under eyes are major cause of Dark Circles. The gentle vibration will greatly help to stimulate blood circulation.Gentle vibration that can relax your eyes muscles after consistent staring at screens.

  • Reduce Eye Puffiness- This massage that reduces fluid accumulation under your eyes and reduces fluid accumulation under your eyes especially in the morning.

  • Fits to use on all skin - non-invasive, anti-aging tool fits for all skin types even the sensitive skin. Long time use you will see a rejuvenated, radiant and youthful look. 
  • Helps your skin absorbs your face/eye cream more effectively - Ionization enables face/eye cream to penetrate 2-3 layers deeper in your skin for maximum nutrient absorption and nourishment.

  • Easy to use - Simply press the pen onto affected areas and it will automatically release an electric pulse to stimulate the meridian and acupuncture points in your body for healing and skin repair.

  • Portable - It's lightweight and made to fit perfectly in your hands, so you can easily put it in your pocket, bag, or pouch if you're traveling.


      HOW TO USE :

      • Take off the protective cap, slide out battery cover and insert 1xAAA battery (not included ). 
      • Apply any desired cream or essence on wrinkle part around eye or mouth area.
      • Gently massage skin around wrinkle part. Make sure you’re firmly pressing the silver plate sensor against the skin. This instrument will work automatically once massage head and skin contact.
      • Please clean the massage head with a towel or tissue after use, and put on the cap.
      • Apply skin care product then massage it in with the device for maximum absorption and a more even application. 


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