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PulseMaster -6in1 Magnetic Pulse Neck Massager


Cervical disc disease goes beyond just a pain in the neck. Left untreated, progression may result in increased pain, or decreased functioning

Constant Neck Pain - Early Sign of Decreased Body Functioning

Cervical disc disease goes beyond just a pain in the neck, though. A degenerative process can cause radiating pain, as well as numbness and weakness in your shoulders, arm, and hand. That discomfort and loss of mobility can have a major impact on your career, family, and quality of life.

Cervical Discs: Your Natural Shock Absorbers - Left Untreated, worse progression can occur

"Without discs, the spine would be very stiff," explains Kee Kim, MD, associate professor of Neurological Surgery and chief of Spinal Neurosurgery at the University of California at Davis. "Discs allow our body to move in the way that we want. They also provide cushion for the body, acting as a shock absorber."

Additionally, the injury can lead to other, more serious conditions such as:

  • Chronic Neck Pain and Soreness
  • Stiffness and Long-term Mobility Issues
  • Vertigo
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Vertebrae Misalignment
  • Degenerative Disc disease

These symptoms can turn into full-blown health conditions if not properly treated in a timely manner. If one of the above processes is occurring and neck pain is left untreated, progression of that process can occur. That progression may result in increased pain, or decreased functioning. Also, other manifestations such as insomnia, headache, shoulder pain and/or compensation can occur. However, as stated earlier, most neck pain is self-limited and will resolve spontaneously.

PulseMaster - 6in1 Magnetic Pulse & Infrared Heating: Treat the Causes of the pain, not just Symptoms



Everyone knows that neck pain is bad for long term health. Nothing lasts forever, especially the human body. Decades of bending, lifting, turning, and twisting can really take their toll on your neck. Considering all that repetitive stress, it's no surprise that about two-thirds of people will experience neck pain at some point in their lives.

The PulseMaster is guaranteed to improve your posture within 2 weeks or your money back, no questions asked!



Look and feel the difference.

It’s easy to see that neck hunch not only is painful but also prevents a confident look, but did you ever wonder how good posture feels? Especially good posture that comes naturally from using the PulseMaster for just 15 minutes per day for 2 weeks.

Listen to the difference yourself.

This PulseMaster neck massager sends electric vibes to your neck which I am not used to yet tho I am getting more and more comfortable. If you wet your neck with salt solution u can feel more electric vibration. My brother thinks it will even help my neck muscle go straight. And it does feel much soothing after 15 min or so and I also like the heating function.” -Katie T. Chicago, IL'



PulseMaster is not about a quick fix. When your body adjusts to using PulseMaster 6in1 Neck Massager, muscle memory will keep your good posture & discs in place.

Once you feel the difference, you’ll find yourself needing the PulseMaster less while still keeping your posture at its best. Most PulseMaster users end up needing the brace only after long periods of sitting or intense activities.


Feel the PulseMaster's difference from Day 1

Don’t worry about having to wait around for using until you come back home. Your neck will be upright and relieved as soon as you put on the PulseMaster. 

Plus, our portable design allows you to bring PulseMaster  anywhere. Put it in your pocket & use it anytime you feel your neck needs a little boost. You’ll be able to feel and look better anytime, anywhere.



  • Cordless and Portable: Say goodbye to the bulky neck massager, it only weights 0.35lb. 450 mA built-in battery, every charge can support more than 10 days (15 minutes per day). You can use it whenever and wherever without charge everytime, home, office, gym, airplane, etc.
  • 6 different massage modes - Smart Neck Massager: Relaxing massage mode, Hot cupping mode, Scraping mode, Pound massage mode, Acupuncture mode, Manipulation modePress the button for 3 seconds to turn on or turn off the massager. And the neck massager is equipped with a 15-minute auto-off function to ensure you a safe massage experience and charges over USB.
  • 3D Technology - Best Massage Experience: As comfortable as a hot towel, 107.6oF constant temperature fomentation. The neck massager can simulate real human massage to promote blood circulation, relive your neck pain, active tissue cells, relieve shoulder tiredness and finally relax your whole body.
  • Ergonomic Design: Can be used on the neck, back, legs and waist, etc., for the whole body. The skin-friendly, breathable soft silicone material makes the carotid artery pressure-free. It adopts intelligent 3D floating electrode plate and 4-point fixed design. And designed to be a "U" shape to fit the physiological curve of the neck and ensure the comfort of use.


💳HOW DO I PURCHASE THIS Pulse Master™ - 6in1 Magnetic Pulse & Infrared Heating Neck Massager?


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Everyone guarantees the refund. However, BetternBeyond understands that you do not want your money back, you want to be satisfied, worry-free about the gift you planned for your loved ones.

Hence, within 45 days after your purchase, if you have any problem with the effectiveness of Pulse Master™ - 6in1 Magnetic Pulse & Infrared Heating Neck Massager , BetternBeyond will send you

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- A further support and guidance for your usage.

- Free  Pulse Master™   if it has issue. (No any charge. We use Express Shipping for you to get your work done, & it's fast.) 



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